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For The Love of Good Coffee

The EFMP Group of agencies around Europe have a long well established history of working with some of the world’s leading coffee brands, growing brand awareness and driving record sales across the continent.

This article explores the thorough process each agency has adopted to ensure they deliver the brand values, quality of service and excellent customer experience that has positioned and grown these coffee brands into market leaders.



For the last 8 years Nestle / Nespresso have partnered with Impact Sales & Marketing Agency to promote and sell coffee in France. The success of this partnership is down to teams consistently delivering results in an increasingly competitive market. Impact Sales & Marketing have proven their professionalism and value by continuously improving their service and adapting their sales strategies to the changing consumer trends.

With a strong focus on high promotional periods such as Christmas and Father’s Day the teams deliver several thousand demonstration days throughout the year in some of France’s specialist retail outlets and department stores.

An innovative Nespresso Academy has been set up by the agency to specifically focus on appropriate recruitment, training and nurturing of brand ambassadors to deliver brand values and provide customers with informed explanations on the product and varieties available. The agency has more than 500 skilled staff who are masters in the art of selling Nespresso’s brand benefits and as a result their coffee machines. Not only does this help differentiate the Nespresso brand in the market but gives the brand a distinct advantage in an increasingly competitive market.

The value of this long term partnership is built through detailed sales reporting, providing Nespresso with invaluable business intel that helps shape future sales strategies.


Nespresso also worked with the agency, Option One, as one of three exclusive agencies based in Poland responsible for delivering Demo Days for Nespresso during key sales periods. The focus of the campaign was on thorough recruitment and extensive training to ensure that staff are able to deliver the Nespresso brand values and drive sales.  Focusing on the high end retail chains in Poland, over 400 demo days were delivered across 28 stores  in the 14 weeks leading up to Christmas.


Competition Partner, an agency based in Germany, has been working with Nespresso for 16 years and has helped shape Nespresso from a small new comer to the market with an unusual system for making coffee, into the famous leading brand it is today.

This has been a journey of continuous innovation and adaptation.  Starting in 1999 with 150 demo days at the point of sale (POS) Now Nespresso is realizing around 40 to 50 tsd. Demo days per year in Germany.

To achieve this growth, Competition Partner has developed new models for paying the sales Promoter in order to encourage improved performance and to retain the best brand ambassadors for Nespresso. The recruits are thoroughly trained in HACCP, Sales and Performance.

The agency has developed systems to analyse the performance of each POS individually which has allowed them to make changes to ensure all activities are as efficient as possible.

Competition Partner has grown with Nespresso; during this time they have had to be adaptive to the changes in the market and created new ways of effectively engaging with consumers.  The key to this long term relationship comes from understanding the business objectives of the brand and adapting the sales activities to help deliver results; whether it’s selling the coffee machines or encouraging customers to explicitly order a Nespresso Coffee.

This is undoubtedly a story of success.  Besides the careful planning and meticulous attention to detail in delivering high quality activities, it is the reporting of business data that is collected from these activities, which has helped create best practice guidelines and shaped strategies.  This data indisputably helps develop and drive new strategies for Nespresso to effectively communicate and engaged with customers, which has contributed towards the brand becoming a leader in its category.

Nescafé Basero & Nescafé Dolce Gusto


GrupSapte agency based in Romania has partnered with Nestle in promoting other brands for over 10 years.  They were the natural choice for helping launch the Nescafe Brasero and Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines & capsules brands in Romania.

This has been a successful partnership for many years. This year the agency ran multiple campaigns across the country, engaged & interacting with over 200,000 shoppers and effectively communicated the benefits of the NesCafeBasero brand.

Sampling demonstrations ensured that more than 150,000 customers had the opportunity to taste the Nescafe Brasero. The agency guaranteed that these activities were overseen by over 90 Nescafe Brasero hostesses especially trained in delivering the appropriate brand experience.

GrupSapte has also been involved in creating and delivering several different types of sales activations during 2015 for the Nescafe Dolce Gusto brand.  The agency focussed on delivering unique in-store campaign demonstrations in the leading retail outlets such as Carrefour & Cora, across Romania. High class special events and memorable outdoor events were used to grow brand awareness and drive sales.

The agency focuses on recruiting and training specialist hostess teams to promote and sell both machines and capsules of Nescafe Dolce Gusto.  The hostess teams are continually upskilled and trained by specialized trainers to ensure that they are equipped to deliver the very best results for the brands.

Mondelez – Jacobs Douwe Egberts Coffee


In a move to restructure the business and become an even more focused snacking powerhouse Mondelez separated the Coffee and Cheese business from its snacking focus.  Mondelez and DE Master Blenders  combined their respective coffee businesses to create the world’s leading pure-play coffee company, now called Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE).  It also created a “stand-alone” European cheese and grocery business called Meals.

JDE and Meals needed a team on the ground to sell the new brands and execute its range of products into leading Irish retailer, Dunnes Stores. Award winning field marketing agency, FMI in Ireland were selected as the ideal partners, having worked in partnership with Mondelez for over 8 years, and with a proven track record of delivering results within the Irish market. A team of 50 FMI representatives commenced the end to end syndicated call service on behalf of Meals and JDE in Dunnes Stores, placing orders from the retailers and then meeting deliveries to merchandise the stock.

Extensive time was invested to ensure that the details of the Set- Up phase of this project were carefully executed. First step for FMI was to align existing field staff call files with delivery days. Lead times for both categories were established ensuring that every touch point from order to delivery had adequate time to fulfil the task at hand. The FMI back end system was designed to replicate the order sets needed to link into both JDE and Meals.  Reports were tested to ensure that all information collated was transmitted correctly, so that all orders would be executed efficiently and no orders could be missed.

The call process was carefully documented and monitored to ensure that everyone involved in the process understood and implemented the required procedures in order to deliver on the brand objectives.

Calls for over 90% of the Dunnes Stores were set up on a syndicated basis, providing both companies with a considerable time and cost savings.

Tia Maria Espresso Ice


While not the typical coffee brand, Tia Maria Espresso Ice wanted to capitalise on the rise of the cold coffee trend as a means to re-energise the brand and make its appealing to a younger adult market. Working with Agency Orchid FM the field sales teams were given “Activation Kits” and visited On-trade outlets to demonstrate and ‘activate’ the Tia Maria Espresso Ice with the aim of driving sales.

The team’s placed kit in over 2,500+ outlets around the UK, and the initiative was extensively supported and promoted through social media campaigns and consumer incentives.

CGA data showed positive brand uplift for the first time in many years.

Why EFMP should be your choice:

Whether it‘s recruitment, training, demonstrations, merchandising or syndicated call services, or all of the above, as a group, the EFMP Agencies are resourceful, skilled and highly committed to working in partnership with their clients to achieve their business and sales objectives that grow leading brands.