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Grup Sapte team up with Nestle in a COW for a Year campaign.

Romania: Grup Sapte’s WIN A COW campaign was originally launched in 2015 and then re-launched in 2016 on a much larger scale. The re-launch included hosting interactive instore demonstrations across 74 hypermarkets including brands like Carrefour, Cora and Auchan. 


With the Win a cow campaign consumers stand a chance to win a year’s supply of milk. There were three key elements to drive engagement with the in-store demos.


Firstly, there was a specially designed isle with a cow on a magnetic board. The challenge for the kids was to play and match the spots to the cow, when they succeeded with this puzzle they received free samples of Nestle cereals.


Secondly, there was a game to pin the tail on the cow. Kids were blindfolded and had to pin the tail to the board, lots of clues were given to help them succeed.


Finally, kids were invited to pull the bell on the cows to hear the authentic sounds of a cow in a filed or on a farm.



The results for this campaign compared to the previous year were significantly better due to being able to implement more instore demonstrations. 


Both the parents and kids loved the various interactions. Involving the kids and having up to three different types of games for them to interact with was hugely popular, as were the many samples of different Nestle cereal brands that the kids got to try.



As Nestle’s field marketing agency, Grup Sapte developed the creative concept for all the instore interactions and were responsible for the production and implementation of all the materials.