Represented across 17 European countries the EFMP group of agencies has a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering highly successful field marketing services for a variety of leading global brands.

" Face to face interaction with the targeted customer is one of the most effective ways to connect and engage with consumers and deliver results. The EFMP provide a flexible solution to meet your requirements, we have teams who are highly skilled and trained to conduct strategic brand-building (long-term) or tactical (short-term) exercises on behalf of clients. "

Field marketing services

The EFMP ensures that the field marketing service achieves measurable results and delivers brand development through increasing brand visibility, providing an engaging experience that not only makes brands more accessible to customers but increases sales.

Each campaign is individually designed to meet client objectives. The EFMP are able to offer complex and comprehensive support to a range of marketing operations, such as counteracting a competitor’s campaign or increasing market distribution.

Campaigns can be structured around a specific European country, region or retailer. For example, campaigns can be delivered for the 17 European countries we operate in or just for France or just Carrefour.

Virgin Media Field  Marketing Team,Ireland

The Virgin Media Field Marketing Team

Orchid Field Marketing Field Marketing Campaign for 20th Centuary Fox

We operate in a fast paced, dynamic and competitive environment. Field Marketing allows us to provide fast and flexible solutions to this changing environment, which are tailored to the needs of the client’s market to ensure the best possible return.

The European outlook combined with extensive local knowledge in each country across a variety of different industries with an efficient and multi-skilled task force makes the EFMP the obvious choice for growing and differentiating your brand through field marketing.

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