Represented across 17 European countries the EFMP group of agencies has a wealth of knowledge and experience and understand how important merchandising is to increase your brand’s presence instore and to drive sales. The EFMP has a proven track record across Europe for the level of detail given to product placement and positioning to ensure fast inventory turnover. The EFMP teams are category experts who are skilled at maximising instore space and updating shelf tags that yield higher sales and increase customer loyalty.

EFMP provide ongoing and short-term teams of trained merchandisers to ensure your products are fully available at point of purchase, often working together as the implementation partner to the clients own sales teams. EFMP will ensure that your vision for the brand is presented and managed at the point-of-sale to deliver continuously improving results and outperform your competition.
The merchandising services are provided primarily in hypermarkets, but projects such as shelf refits, equipment installation, and major point of sale material placement are carried out across a wide range of retail and other commercial channels.
The EFMP have the experience, knowledge and skilled teams to implement successful merchandising services throughout Europe.