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This Christmas, Dove brings the gifts with the help of g7

We all know that the Christmas season is filled with plenty of warmth and a great deal of wishes: people go on a lot of shopping sprees, they spend a huge amount of time searching for the right gift and inevitably, they often forget about their own secret wishes. 

All they want to do is to pick the right gift: the one who inspires real beauty. 

For over a decade, Dove became a home for real beauty and has been working to make beauty a source of confidence.

This year, Dove wanted to make things more accessible and interactive for those who want to prepare for Christmas earlier and buy gifts for the loved ones during their workhours. 

The campaign message was in line with the brand promise: Beauty, the priceless gift for the loved ones. The caravan started its journey at the end of November and its destinations were a number of corporate buildings located in Bucharest. Each activation has focused on delivering an authentic approach for the brand and a memorable experience for consumers.

To engage customers, we created an online invitation which invited the employees from the corporate buildings to spare a moment of their time and participate in the caravan event. On the day of the event, every person in the office building found on their table a printed invitation that included: details about the event, the prizes they could win, the list of basket gifts and the lucky snowflake. 


One of the special items during the activation was the snowflake attached to the printed invitation – it brought our customers instant prizes without any price limit. All they had to do was to bring the snowflake and to see whether it fits or not in the puzzle. 


Tapping into the theme of celebration and Christmas gifts, we created special areas, Dove placements from which people could choose their favorite giftboxes, drink hot tea, listen to the music and networking. During this event, we created the perfect context for our customers to enjoy some good time and to prepare for the Christmas holiday season. 



Activating in 10 locations (7 office corporate buildings and 3 Christmas fairs inside the office buildings), Dove offered over 12 000 invitations, 5000 prizes and sold over 500 gift boxes.